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Health and wellness education is lacking in our society. Without your health, you have nothing. You can’t do the things that are important to you, such as working, taking a vacation with your family, or participating in a yoga or fitness class.


This book offers you Dr. Schreibman’s professional insights as a chiropractor with years of experience in nutrition and well-being on how to live a better, happier life by achieving optimal health and wellness.


Dr. Debra R. Schreibman is a licensed massage therapist, neuromuscular therapist, and chiropractor. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Connecticut and an associate’s degree in Occupational Therapy. She has also completed postgraduate studies in nutrition and wellness.


Born and raised in Glastonbury, Connecticut, Dr. Schreibman currently resides in Georgia. She loves going to the gym, practicing yoga, spending time at home with friends and family, traveling, and, most of all, changing people’s lives through her wellness center.

“I have listened to Dr. Deb's seminars and now I am so happy to have all of her life-changing information to learn from and share with others. This is a book I will definitely be passing around!"

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