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Dr. Schreibman’s goals and recommendations are unique to each client. Her personal philosophy is to treat each individual from a holistic approach–mind, body and spirit.


Dr. Deb’s view of reducing pain and increasing the body’s ability to heal faster makes her unique in her approach to wellness. She does not believe in yearly plans or contracts and offers many opportunities to help patients “get better” in an affordable manner. Dr. Deb is truly a caring, loving doctor who will go above and beyond to help her patient’s heal. As a wife and mother, Dr. Deb values her family’s health and she embraces every opportunity to teach others how to keep their family healthy too.

In fact, Dr. Deb is not only an expert in chiropractic care, but she was once a patient too. At around 15 years old, Dr. Deb was experiencing debilitating migraine headaches. These headaches were so intense and so persistent that, even with the use of modern medications, her headaches did not get better. So, her parents reluctantly agreed to take her to a chiropractor. Her own experience in using alternative, holistic treatments for her migraines is what has made her a lifetime natural wellness believer.

Without your health, you have nothing. You can’t do the things that are important to you, such as working, taking a vacation with your family, or participating in a yoga or fitness class. This book offers you Dr. Schreibman’s professional insights as a chiropractor with years of experience in nutrition and well-being on how to live a better, happier life by achieving optimal health and wellness.


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